Tuesday, January 31, 2006



My friend Trice sent this article by Mr. Vidal along.
It's long but oh so good.

Trice doesn't blog. He's too busy finding stuff like this to send to me, bless him.

Thanks Mr. Gore.
Thanks Trice.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006


I met George the first week I moved to NYC in a little bar uptown called, The East74.
I love to dance and had heard this little bar had a dance floor.
Turned out, George loved to dance too.
He was standing on one side of the bar dancing alone. I was on the other side dancing alone.
When our eyes met he pointed to the dance floor and motioned for me to join him.
We danced, smoked a joint, danced some more and closed the bar.

We learned we lived three blocks apart. Him 46th and 8th. Me 48th and 9th. We started walking and talking and singing. We sang the entire score of My Fair Lady cracking each other up the whole time.

That began a friendship that I will treasure forever.

He loved anything to do with show biz. ANYTHING.

Barbra was #1

We went to broadway shows night after night. We would stand outside looking poor and sad and folks would give us extra tickets. We would "second act" (that's asking folks for their tickets if they were leaving after the first act) up and down the theatre district most nights. We saw Company 13 times the first month it opened thanks to George working every angle he could.

Barbra was doing a benifit for Bella Abzug at the Felt Forum. He got us tickets. Really really good seats in the second row. I don't know how he did it, but he could get tickets to anything.

One summer we didn't know anyone who had a house on Fire Island in the Pines and we wanted to go.
So....we went anyway, got off the ferry and stashed our bags under the boardwalk out of sight, danced until dawn. If we didn't hook up, and sometimes we didn't, we would get our bags, put on our trunks and sleep on the beach.
We'd spend the morning sunning, the afternood dancing at tea and then we'd say to someone...we're staying down in the Grove and don't want to go all the way back before we catch the ferry, can we use your outdoor shower. It worked everytime.

We saw Bonnie and Delany in Central Park. George stood on his chair and danced for three hours. Can you say mushrooms???????

He wanted to be in the music business, so he moved to California.

He met STB.

I met STB.

He did get in the music business. One June he was in NYC on business. It was Gay Day. We got behind the "disco" truck and danced non stop from Sheridan Square to Central Park with George yelling the whole way, "JUMP FOR JAY"!

He/they came to NYC.

I went to California.

AIDS took him.

I still cry.

I still miss him.

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Friday, January 27, 2006


You warm my heart. But i am suddenly aware that all I talkabout is "I---my---me---mine. I start out to talk about what you are doing, and 200 words later, I'm off on some insanity of thought about myself. I really delight in your letters to me---they are the highlight of my existance. I want to know more about your 17 doggie quilts. who rdered them; are they quilt patterened or simple with the name of the dog embroirded on them---like you made for Sushi. I still have it---I still miss her. (Here's where I take off on my 200 words and tell you a story.)
I think it's great that you have found such a full, rich life for yourself---your job---your singing---having a family to pester you into a rage---your blog---your many friends who keep in touch and visit you. I've always admired (and envied) your lifestyle. I remember all the way back to the winter I spent in Ptown and you sent me a five dollar bill and told me to put it on the lottery, win, and stay in Ptown where i belonged. You were then, and still are now, my role model, for a quality life.
Attitude---positive attitude---an open heart. OK, I will dream the dream. I will walk the walk. I will talk the talk. OK. You say I can make anything happen. OK---here we go---whosh---You will win the FLA lottery and I will get my little cottage on Commercial Street in the gallery district and we will live happily ever after.This is a love letter. Fold it up and wear it next to your heart. xoxoxo mah

Fold this up and wear it next to your hearts my friends.


Saturday, January 21, 2006


I wanted to go to college.
My grades were not scholorship getting grades.
My folks didn't have the funds.

One of my brothers joined the Air Force to learn a trade.
He learned court reporting.
He has his own court reporting firm in Kansas to this day.
He was good to me when I was a boy.

The military was not for me, I was already well versed in the trade thing.

My other brother had his pilots license by the time he graduated high school, was earning a good living working at the local airport.
Going to school to learn to fly jets.
He worked really hard, stuck to it for years, got every license a pilot can get.
It was hard, I give him credit.
He's had a long career as director of flight operations for some big ass maker of war related crap that made him rich and the repuklicans he worked for richer.

Maybe I could have done the coffee tea or me thing, maybe.

But not on any jet he was flying cause I didn't like him, he was an asshole. He's still an asshole who's learned the meaning of some big words like...bigot, racist, homophobe, sexist, ageist. You name an "ist", he was it. He's still all those things except the homophobe part.
I see him pretty often these days because along the way I learned about forgiving and compassion,( and hard to believe), it's not only about ME. His wife and children are wonderful loving people (in spite of him) and I want to be in their lives. Aren't I Wonderful!


Since our mom had a beauty shoppe.....
I started beauty school weekends/holidays my junior year.
All summer before senior year.
Weekends/holidays all senior year.
Finished in August.
The plan....get my license.....save some money.....start college... after a year.


A little interjection here.
In my heart of hearts all I really wanted to do was move to NYC. I didn't have the courage at the time to even speak those words out loud. But I'll tell you this. I know the meaning of the words, burning desire.

I got licensed in August as planned. How, I do not know.
I gave lousy haircuts. I couldn't roll a perm.
I turned a womans hair greenish/orange trying to tint it brown.
Once I burned this poor Asian's womans hair and scalp so bad during a perm she had brillo fuzz, coming out in patches, with big ugly blisters on her scalp by the time I took the perm rollers off.

Poor thing.

I was the worst hairburner I've ever seen except when it came to BACKCOMBING.

It was the 60's after all. Big buffants, beehives, extra large "That Girl" flips. Bubbles the size of basketballs.

The first job I got in KCMO was in a salon frequented by high class hookers.
They did not want pin curls and waves.
They wanted, More Tease, More Tease, there's a Shriners Convention in town, I want to be noticed!
And baby I could give it to them, right down my alley.

My best and favorite was "Candy". She worked cocktail waitressing at a hotel lounge down the street from the salon.
She met her clients there.

Phone rings: Mr. Phil, you have a call.
Hi Doll it's Candy. Listen, I've got a 5 and then a 6:30. I'm gonna fly in at about 6:10 for a re-comb cause the 5 always messes my hair and for 80 bucks for the 12 minutes it takes him to get his pants off, his rocks off and get his pants back on, he can mess my hair.
The 6:30 is the guy who likes that red bow in my hair, I'm bringing it along.
You wanna meet me for dinner at 8, the 6:30 always tells the hotel dining room to let me sign on his room and I don't have anything until LARRY at 11.

Larry...Clark Gable drop dead gorgeous. Friendly, touchy...crazy making to the boy hairburner.

Larry would come with Candy, prepay her bill, always giving me a big tip, then chat me up while she was under the dryer.

Candy sez one day, I see Larry can't keep his hands off you. You think he swings both ways?
I know you'll find this hard to believe, I didn't know what "swings both ways" meant. Really. Remember I was just 17, lately arrived from a country town of 149 people.

Me...swings both ways???, what's that???
Candy...he likes boys and girls both.
Me..you mean for sex?
Candy...you know honey, sometimes I forget you just got to town.

I loved her, adored her.
She taught me sooooo much.
She was sooooo kind to me.
She was my client for about a year, and then...

She made the mistake of falling in love with Larry.

When she got pregnant, (60's remember).
He gave her 150 bucks to "take care of it".

She did take care of it.
With a catheter.
I was there.
Three days and nights.

Some days later she went home to Omaha to her two small children.

I never heard.

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Our leader has spoken.

Gas Pump Jockey
(see Sunday Photo)
Canine Kennel Attendent
I made a list of all the different jobs I've done a few years ago.....90+

4 Places I've Lived
New York

4 Movies
The Owl And The Pussy Cat
My House In Umbria

4 TV Shows I'd Re-watch (new catagory)
Judy Garland Show (cbs)

4TV Shows I like To Watch
Jon Stewart
Real Time
Real Sex
Taxicab Confessions

4 Foods
Other Cooks
My Own Cooking

4 Places I'd Rather Be

4 Albums
Dusty In Memphis
Beethoven's 5 Piano Concerto's
Mozarts Oboe, Flute, Clairnet, Bassoon Concerto's
Bellini's NORMA

4 Bloggers To Tag
Connie Jane

That's more than 4....so sue me.

You know I can never play it str8, wouldn't even try.


Friday, January 20, 2006


This big old king size thing is done. 98x110 jeez, what was I thinking when I said I'd do this.

This photo is of the backside in front of a large window.
This is MY favorite way to see the work.
One, it looks like stain glass.
Two, you can really see all the pieces.

It's in the hands of a "machine quilter" now.
No way am I getting a neck/back ache trying to manage this monster.
When it's quilted and bound I'll put up another photo of the front and back.

In this case...


Sunday, January 15, 2006


I had a little shack in Sag Harbor for several summers before I lived in Italy.
Here is the Butler having lunch in the garden during a visit. He calls this photo "After Fit For Life", which we were both doing at the time, over 20 years ago, with much success as you can see. Well....much success for the Butler, notice, I'm not in the photo.

See that red plastic glass? I still have that glass and every day, EVERYDAY!!! since we did "shit for life" (as the Butler so aptly named it), I've had that glass full of fresh squeezed orange juice.

The Butler made me throw the yellow plastic glasses away, but I still have that orange spoon and those two white plates.

AND!!! I still have the friendship of the Butler

Cool, no?

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

In Progress

And you wonder why I don't spend more time blogging.

This is a queen size quilt for my brother and sister-in-law.
(see my cousin's Sunday Photo)
It's taking forever. It's boring to make cause it's the same thing over and over and over...
But...it's really great looking for just that reason.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006