Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I've been reading, re-reading.
All of:
Laurie R. King
Jean Auel
James Clavell
Patrica Nell Warren
Donna Leon
Christopher Rice
Anne Rice
Michael Dibdin
They're like old friends come to dinner.

My beloved sister Ruth Ann was here for 10 days. We talked, I cooked, we quilted (she taught me to sew), shopped for babyboy grandson Austin clothes, talked, ate, talked, read and talked some more.
She manages a sewing machine store in Missouri. Teaches people to use these fantastic computerized things that are amazing to watch in action.

I was twelve when she was born. Our mother took one of her "dives" when RA was about six months old. I became her third parent. In todays world our mother would be diagnosed bi-polar. For a twelve year old boy all I saw was a crazy woman. I lived in fear of her next episode. Would she be crouched behind the house crying for hours or would she be off somewhere, nobody knew where.
We both survived her and I'm happy to say RA is a terrific woman, mom, grandmother, sisterfriend.

When RA is in her sewing machine instructor mode, what a joy to watch. She is so helpful, kind, and generous with all she knows. She know alot too.
She "serviced" both my machines and now they purr.
Oddly enough RA has never quilted. While here I got her started on a quilt for the baby girl grandchild she hopes to have someday. Of course she will take it to the next level. She will embroider lady bugs and dragon flies all over it.

Geez, I started this over a month ago and then my hard thingy crashed.
Well, thanks to the Butler and that nice man in India I have a new hard thingy and all's well with the world.

I'm working six shows a week being House Manager To The Stars in Sarasota, quilting, reading, making peach pies, seeing my dearest darling cousin, and waiting for someone else to get booted off Runway.

I'm horrified by what is going on in the world.
There is no profit in peace.

You can stop holding your breath Blogzie!